Osaka College of Art in Association with Osaka University of Arts

This school is among the list of schools highly recommended by the Osaka Bureau of Administrative Services.

The power to create Art - The source of the power comes from the spirit of freedom.
Not limited by the established idea, Refine own inspiration to challenge new beauty and creating something new. This is the very spirit of freedom that Osaka College of Art values the most. The College supports this spirit of freedom in various aspects ; we offers students, for example, diverse learning opportunities, with more than 12 areas to major in Department of General Design and General Art. We highly welcome students from abroad.

Address 23-9 Bishouen 2-chome, Abeno-ku, Osaka, Osaka 545-0003, JAPAN
TEL. 0120-06-2239 / FAX. 06-6713-7740
Public Transportation 4 minutes walk from JR Hanwa Line, "Bishouen station" .(1 station after JR Tennoji station)
5 minutes walk from Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line, "Koboreguchi Station"(1 station after Kintetsu, "Osaka Abenobashi station")


Course term 3years


Course term 2years

Guidelines for foreign applicants

An applicant can apply to each of those, AO entrance examination, tuition exemption entrance examination, self-appointed entrance examination, working adult entrance examination.

Eligibility Requirements for Examination

  1. [1]
    An applicant who are expected to graduate from a high school in other countries outside of Japan or qualified to have an equal or greater academic ability than graduates of a high school.
  2. [2]
    An applicant who have completed 12 years of school education and become 18 years of age.
  3. [3]
    An international student who reside in Japan for the purpose of study, and must be qualified as status of residence as student provided for in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, or he/she is eligible to changing the status of residence to it.※1 ※2
  4. [4]
    You must satisfy at least one of the following conditions and must have the ability to sufficiently understand the Japanese language to pursue a course of study at the school.
    • Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT):grade N2 or higher
    • Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)[Japanese(Reading, Listening and Listening-Reading totals)]:score of 200 or higher
    • The applicant must have studied the Japanese language for at least 6 months at one of the Japanese language institutions designated by the Minister of Justice in a public notice, and have high attendance rate.
  1. ※1
    If an applicant is not applied adequate status of residence, you will be revoked from enrolling even after admission.
  2. ※2
    After admission, a student without certificate status of residence of “student” would not be treated as foreign students when applying for scholarships and others.

Entrance Examinations

Non-Japanese international students may apply for the full tuition fee exemption entrance exam, admissions office enrollment, admission based on recommendation, or working adult admission.
The application periods, examination dates, screening methods, exemptions of admission fee and other costs differ depending on the entrance examination.

  1. ※1
    Please be sure to check with Admissions.
  2. ※2
    For candidates passing the full tuition fee exemption entrance exam, of the first year's school expenses, either the full value of the tuition (¥650,000) or half of that value (¥325,000) will be exempted.
  3. ※3
    For candidates qualifying for the first, the second and the third admissions office enrollment a half of the ¥190,000 admission fee will be exempted.

Screening Methods

Screening Methods Shared for all Entrance Exams

  1. [1]
    Document screening
  2. [2]
  3. [3]
    Screening methods differ by the entrance exam to be taken. Certain entrance exams include practical skills (sketch drawing) tests. For details, please refer to the application guidelines.

Admissions Procedures (upon acceptance)

  1. [1]
    Candidates who are accepted will be sent a “Letter of Acceptance.” Accepted candidates are requested to submit the prescribed documents and complete payment of school expenses by the stipulated date.
    After these procedures are completed, an “Admissions Procedures Completion Notice” certifying admission will be issued.
  2. [2]
    Visa Status Change Procedures
    For changes in period of residence and visa status, it is requested that application forms corresponding to the details of the procedures (Ministry of Justice prescribed forms) and other documents designated by the Immigration Bureau be assembled, with the procedures to request a change in visa status performed at the Immigration Bureau.
    The College will issue an admissions acceptance certificate, as well as an application form (to be filled out by the affiliated institution). Before commencing the procedures, be sure to contact the College Admissions Center to request issue of the necessary forms.

Required Application Documents

  1. [1]
    Application form (Designated by School with photo attachment)
  2. [2]
    Diploma or certificate of the last school attended and academic transcript (Japanese or English)
  3. [3]
    Certification of Japanese language ability
  4. [4]
    Entrance examination fee
Tuition Fee / Expense items Full payment Installments
Entrance formalities October 31
(the second semester)
Entrance fee 190,000yen 190,000yen -
Tuition fee (annual) 650,000yen 325,000yen 325,000yen
Facilities and equipment costs (annual) 320,000yen 160,000yen 160,000yen
Total 1,160,000yen 675,000yen 485,000yen
Tuition Fee / Expense items Full payment
Entrance fee 190,000yen
Tuition fee (annual) 650,000yen
Facilities and equipment costs (annual) 320,000yen
Total 1,160,000yen
Tuition Fee / Expense items Installments
Entrance formalities October 31 (the second semester)
Entrance fee 190,000yen -
Tuition fee (annual) 325,000yen 325,000yen
Facilities and equipment costs (annual) 160,000yen 160,000yen
Total 675,000yen 485,000yen

Scholarship system for foreign students

  1. [1]
    Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students (Conditional adoption)
  1. ※1
    For candidates passing the full tuition fee exemption entrance exam, of the first year’s school expenses, either the full value of the tuition (¥650,000) or half of that value (¥325,000) will be exempted.
    After being admitted, students maintaining outstanding academic records will have either the full value of the tuition (¥650,000) or half of that value (¥325,000) exempted from the second year and thereafter as well.